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"I Recently discovered a fantastic kids author who has written books for kids of all ages. Her name is Babs Bell Hajdusiewciz, MS, Ed..."

"Although Each one was completely different from the other, all three were wonderful in their own unique way."

"The book is simply adorable!....My almost-two-year-old had a blast making all of the fun sounds as I was reading the book."

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"I will say that my youngest is barely 2 and she loves them all.  She brings them to me numerous times a day to read with her."

"If your kids are like mine they will love the Babsy B Board Book Series and the book of poems Don't Go Out In Your Underwear!  Add them to your list this year and you will not be disappointed!"
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"I am so excited to write this review because my daughter hasn’t put down her Babsy B Board Book Series since we received them in the mail last week!"

"What fun books that keep your child engaged, learning and you feel like you are really reading with them.  I love how excited my daughter gets when she comes running to me carrying one of the  Babsy B Board Book Series books saying “Mommy, read.”"  

"Makes for a proud Mom moment knowing that she’s eager to read, learn, and explore the world, and that this new book series is helping to foster that within her."


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"As a mom who works from home and has 24/7 access to a smart phone and the internet, this is super convenient for me."

"Babsy B Books totally helped change up our learning routine and I’m so excited to watch her grow with the series and learn more and more!"


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"...these quality made board books have thick “pages” (perfect for little hands) full of vibrant pictures and fun sound out loud words!"

"We have read these books over and over…and now she is getting to the point where she is “reading” to me"

"The Babsy B Board Book Series would make a great gift for your kids or grandkids"


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"All of the books come complete with their own little activity ideas that you can enjoy with your little ones." 

"The 3+ books are full of bright vibrant colors that are perfect for keeping my curious little guys attention."


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