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Carefully prepared lessons use the rhythm and rhyme of poetry to teach phonics.  Contains more than 100 read-aloud poems — some by well-known children’s authors, others written specifically for this series — that immerse children in zesty poems to focus attention on selected language sounds.  A well-considered teaching apparatus accompanies each poem: word lists using the targeted sound, a "focusing talk" to cement and extend students’ connection to the poem, and an idea for a hands-on activity.  Photocopy masters supply "letter cards" for sounds the book targets.  Multiple indexes (by a poem’s first line, by title, by sound, and so on) aid ease of use.

An illustrated read-aloud anthology of 112 poems and interactive activities featuring 2 or 3 poems for each of these sounds;
-Consonant Digraphs (wh, th, sh, ch)
-Final Blends (-ft as in left, -mp as in ramp, -nd as in and, -ng as in sing, -nk as in sink, -nt as in ant)
-3-letter Blends (scr as in scrap, shr as in shrub, spl as in splash, spr as in sprig, squ as in squash, str as in string, thr as in three)
-Diphthongs (au/aw as in haul/caw, oi/oy as in oil/boy, ou/ow as in out/cow)
-Word Endings (-d/-ed as hoped/waited, -er as in darker, -est as in softest, -ing as in going, -le as in table)
-Other Vowel Sounds (a in in ball/ought/claw, u as in full, digraph oo as in book, schwa a as in mama, schwa a/e/o as in mama/taken/lemon, y as e as in very, y as i as in sky)
-Plurals and Possessives (-s/-es/-ies as in dogs/boxes/babies, 's as in dad's)
-R-controlled Vowels and Vowel Digraphs (ar as in park, or as in sort, ur as in hurt, air as in pair, ear/eer/ier as in hear/deer/pierm our/owr as in hour/power)
-Prefixes and Suffixes (dis- as in discover, un- as in unable, re- as in review, -ful as in careful, -less as in careless, -ness as in kindness, -ly as in lonely)
-Contractions ('m as in I'm, 'm/'d/'ll/'re as in I'm/you'd/I'll/you're)
-Silent Letters (gh/k as in sigh/knight, gh/w/k/b/c as in sigh/write/knit/doubt/sick)Great for at-risk, ESL, BL, and adult literacy programs. 

This poetry collection is meant to be read aloud so that children to hear a particular language sound again and again in word after word -- all within an enticing and meaningful context!


  • 112 read-aloud poems provide a playful and interesting context for building phonemic awareness.
  • Poems focus on individual language sounds that are heard repeatedly.
  • Word lists for each poem highlight both targeted and additional sounds heard in the poem.
  • Focusing Talk™ activities help you model each poem's vocabulary and ideas in your daily conversations and interactions with children.
  • Hands-on activities extend each poem and complement your learning centers.
  • Listen! Listen! Hear That Sound? sections list other words that include the targeted sounds.
  • Phonics Link activities and reproducible letter cards help you begin formal phonics instruction and introduce children to sounds in print.
  • Helpful tips for reading poetry aloud and for incorporating poetry into your daily routine are included.
  • Poems are indexed by title, author, first line, theme, and by sounds!


  • Consonant Digraphs
  • Final Blends
  • 3-letter Blends
  • Diphthongs
  • Word Endings
  • Other Vowel Sounds
  • Plurals
  • Possessives
  • R-controlled Vowels
  • Vowel Digraphs
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Contractions
  • Silent Letters

Softcover, illustrated, 11 x 8, 280 pages.  Good Year Books, 1998.  ISBN 1596470194.

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