The Babsy B Difference

We all know the importance of reading aloud to children and its importance toward children’s future successes. Few, however, know and understand that not all books are created equal and that read-aloud books must be age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate in order for children to realize those successes. 


Every Babsy B product is designed with children’s needs in mind. One can feel confident of that fact with our books, CD, poems, WOW! Words™, Focused Talk™, along with proven records of our best-selling library and classroom books and materials, such as Poetry Works!; Don’t Go Out in Your Underwear!, Phonics through Poetry, Listen, Listen!: Letter Sounds in Rhyme, and others.


At Babsy B we know that children learn language and skills quickly and easily when parents and caregivers provide them with enticing and fun ways to learn those skills. Babsy B thinks of you who may have limited time and energy to research materials that meet your child’s needs and interests at any particular age. We do, indeed, do the heavy lifting for you!


Our Board Books, CD, and Coloring Books provide instructive, meaningful, useful, and fun reinforcement for a child’s skill development. Each of our products complements another or can stand alone.


Additionally, at, we provide helpful tips and tools designed to ease a parent’s efforts. Our every kid-pleasing, kid-caring resource helps any new mom, dad, or other caregiver know and understand a child’s age stages and appropriate ways to respond to the child’s needs and interests.