I'm 3! Trio Set

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This I'm 3!  Trio Set promises toddlers and children in preschool, preK, and kindergarten loads of FUN and learning! Children can be reading, singing along, and coloring all at the same time with the I'm 3!  Babsy B Board Book's text, its exact words in song, and the same text again in the Coloring Book. Together, the Board Book, song, and Coloring Book build a child’s feeling of confidence and accomplishment in speaking the book’s familiar words. For a birthday party or celebration, give this FUN Trio Set! 

Benefits to Child:

  • The Coloring Book builds on confidence with words in print.
  • The Board Book and Coloring Book connect heard words with how those words look in print.
  • The CD’s I'm 3! song provides a model for singing the words in print in the Board Book and Coloring Book.
  • The Board Book offers a FUN and meaningful story to read aloud.
  • The CD’s 28 tracks present a wealth of words and concepts to hear, talk about, and sing.
  • The Coloring Book provides fine motor skills practice while learning to color spaces defined by lines.
  • All three tools focus on the FUN and meaning of counting when numbers are associated with ages 1, 2, 3…. 

Added Benefits to Parent:

  • Provides multiple learning activities that are research-based.
  • Utilizes minimal materials for maximum learning opportunities.
  • Provides reinforced learning that relates one experience with another.
  • Calls attention to new information for young child: that one story can appear in more than one place and in more than one format.
  • Creates and develops child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Watch videos of Babsy B and I'm 3! on her YouTube channel:




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