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Poetic Play with Babsy B: "Shape-Up Sticks"
This product includes an original and previously published and classroom favorite Babsy B poem with one set of the classic pick-up sticks game. This math poem and hands-on age-old game encourage interactive play while developing awareness, vocabulary, and knowledge about how lines “shape up” cooperatively to form acute and obtuse angles in squares, rectangles, triangles, rhombuses, and other polygons we see all around us. The poem’s language also stimulates conversation around struggles, compromises, and negotiations that can evolve as individuals strive to be cooperative team members. Great gift for children whose ages and abilities range from 4 to12 years. And it’s the perfect little gift for children at Halloween, as a stocking stuffer or Easter basket gift, or for any other occasion! 

Collections: Ages: 4-7, Ages: 8-11

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