The Bridge Is Up! - Duo Set: Book and Downloadable Word-for-Word Song

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THE BRIDGE IS UP! – Get ready to read! Listen, look, read, and sing this book's cumulative story about a driver who goes up, down, and all around city streets until the car stops! What will make the car go? With this 32-page hardcover picture book and its downloadable song, your child ages 2–5 can: 


  • Use a fun metaphor for being patient while waiting.
  • Enjoy repeating words to help read, sing, and tell the story!
  • Remember the order of words and sentences. 
  • Move, talk, sing, dance, and have fun!
  • Add oral language skills to think, listen, talk, and sing.

The exact text of The Bridge Is Up! is in song! Use the enclosed code to download this song. The catchy tune is also included on this CD.

Watch a music video of The Bridge is Up! from Babsy B's YouTube channel:


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