“Where Is Monkey?” Download Card

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“Where Is Monkey?” Download Card—From the award-winning Babsy B Board Book Series, this song provides the perfect add-on to go with your Where Is Monkey? board book. This word-for-word downloadable song captures and keeps the attention of your newborn or infant and long beyond infancy! 


Some Benefits to Your Child:

Adds Musical Learning Fun because the song invites listening to sing along, clap, and move to the rhythm while reinforcing reading fun with the Babsy B Board Book.

Develops Oral Language because your child remembers and wants to say words put to music.

Enhances Memory Development because your child learns words that are heard and sung again and again.


Added Benefits to Parent:

Time Saver because this award-winning song’s words match the text in your Where is Monkey? book and present a fun and catchy tune that quickly focuses your child’s attention.

Traveling Resource because having fun with this award-winning song makes those miles (and minutes to the refrigerator!) pass quickly when you’re on the road or stuck in a traffic jam.

Laughter Connection with Child because laughing together works to build your child’s critical thinking skills as it helps you bond with your child.

Play Connection with Child because dancing and singing together provide playing and bonding time for your child and you.

Collections: Ages: 0-1

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