Words, Words, Words - Rhyming Dictionary

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A rhyming dictionary with a full complement of writing aids to help kids become the best writers they can be!

How do you find a word in the dictionary if you can't spell the word?  What are some words that mean the same as very?  Should I use it's or its in my sentence?  Is affect or effect the right word for my sentence?  What words rhyme with the word fast?  When do you drop the final e before adding ing to a word?  Each of these books is a single source where young writers can find key information -- quickly and easily -- about words and how to use them effectively.

It's every young writer's handbook -- for writing poetry or narrative, for school assignments or for pleasure.

Allows beginning writers to find key information about words quickly and easily. Contains comprehensive lists of synonyms and antonyms, metaphors and similes, homophones and homographs, compound words and contractions, fun words, more than 200 families of rhyming words, plus a glossary and specialized indexes. For home or school use; also used in ESL, BL, and adult literacy programs.

Ages 5-8 & Up.  Softcover, 11 x 8, 240 pages.  Good Year Books, 1997.  ISBN 0673363198.X

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