VROOM! Honk-a! BOOM! - Duo Set: Board Book & Song (age 2+)

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VROOM! Honk-a! BOOM! – From the award-winning Babsy B Board Book Series, this story and its song interest toddlers 2+ in the action-packed, loud, and sometimes scary noises made by vacuums, vehicles, and weather conditions. 


With this 12-page book and its word-for-word downloadable song, your child can:

  • Read and sing about vehicles, machines, and stormy weather.
  • Play with words and sounds.
  • Explore, talk, sing, move, dance, and have fun!
  • Build oral language skills to listen, think, and talk.
  • Connect words to everyday experiences.

Other books––and Duo Sets––in this series include: SO BIG! Duo Set and Where Is Monkey? Duo Set (Ages 0+)I Can? Can You? Duo Set and Who Chews? Duo Set (Ages 1+); Whose Shoes? Duo Set (Ages 2+)Giddy-up! Let’s Go! Duo Set and I’m 3! Duo Set (Ages 3+).

The same VROOM! Honk-a! BOOM! text is in song on the Download Card. The catchy tune is also available on this CD that's won multiple awards!

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