Reading to Your Child Everyday

by Babs Hadjusiewicz December 10, 2013

“Is it really important that I read aloud to her every day?” you ask.

Yes! Read aloud to your infant.

Yes! Read aloud to your toddler.

Yes! Read aloud to your preschooler.


Yes! Read aloud to your 5 year old.

Yes! Read aloud to your 6 year old.

Yes! Read aloud to your 7 year old.

Yes! Read aloud to your 8 year old.

And Yes! Read aloud to your 9, 10, 11, 12 year old.

And Yes! Read aloud with your 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 year olds!

Get my point?

Yes! Read aloud every day to and with your child of any and every age! Why? Because reading aloud is the single most important activity you do that reaps so much for your child’s entire life!

“But why is that?” you ask. “And how do I do it?”

For today, we’ll tackle an overview of some reasons you must not go to bed tonight or any night without having read to your child. 

So, check out the following bulleted points. Then carry these ideas with you as you go about life today.

And go to bed tonight guilt-free…because you made an investment in your child! You carved out at least 5 minutes today to read aloud to your child! And here’s why you did that:


Why I read aloud to my child every day…

  • It builds vocabulary.
  • It builds knowledge of the world.
  • It models how people learn vocabulary and knowledge: from reading print and listening to language that’s been recorded as print.
  • It builds a love for learning language and knowledge.

WOW! There it is! Have fun! 

Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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