I Like Me!

by Babs Hadjusiewicz January 10, 2014


This activity offers a confidence booster for your child!

Begin by sitting, and invite your child to sit facing you. Then move accordingly as you say each line of the poem. Be sure to allow time for your child to move as you've demonstrated. Repeat the entire poem at least once. At another time, model saying and dramatizing the poem to your reflection in a mirror. Your child will also enjoy being your echo for each line of the poem. In this case, say one line at-a-time, and allow time for your child to echo your words and actions. Enjoy! *The added stanza offers a useful tool for ending the activity. 

I Like Me! [point proudly to self]

This morning, I stood up and said, [stand]

"I like myself from toes to head! [using both hands, bend to touch toes; then stand to touch head]

I like the way I look today! [show prideful facial expression as if you are admiring self, perhaps with hands stretched wide as if to frame face]

I like the way I work and play! [pretend to work and then play in ways that are familiar to your child]

I like the way I act with friends! [offer a high-five or other kind of greeting familiar to your child]

I like the way my body bends! [bend fingers, knees, whole body, etc.]

I like who I was born to be! [point to self as you show prideful facial expression]

I like myself! [point proudly to self; maybe nod head "yes"]

Hey! [say with added drama as if to grab your child's attention; perhaps raise hand or index finger in a halt motion]

I like ME!" [using index finger, point emphatically to self while speaking with prideful facial expression]

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[*Going right on to add this stanza can be helpful to end echoes]
This morning, I sat down and said, [sit down]
"I like how I've been listening. [look at child as seated]
i like how I'm all done being an echo." [continue to look at child as seated]


Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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