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by Babs Bell Hadjusiewicz April 13, 2016 1 Comment

"On the way home, the boys were enthralled with the CD, and asked over and over "Is that Willa's grandma singing?" We listened to several songs on repeat (by which I mean, more than six times in a row), and when we got to the song about waiting [The Bridge Is Up!], Asher cried out in recognition: 'Just like our book!'
Thank you so much for the gift, [and] your important and lovely work...."
-Mom Tracy of twin 3 1/2 year twins

These snappy, easy to learn tunes about the everyday things in a child's life are not only quick to learn and fun to sing but valuable assets to a child's learning vocabulary and musical abilities. 

As a mother, grandmother and pediatrician, I can vouch for the value of singing and reading to children.  And what better way than to combine the two.

I really liked the "Stop! Wait! Go!" tune since it is familiar and this is one of the first things we talk about in the car!



Babs Bell Hadjusiewicz
Babs Bell Hadjusiewicz


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