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This Week's WOW! Word: SHELTER

by Babs Bell Hadjusiewicz May 18, 2016


Did you know that your child's listening and speaking vocabulary by age 4 is an important predictor of his later success as a reader, writer, and a lifelong learner? 

And did you know that the richness of the words you model--when you talk and read aloud every day--determine the exact words your child will hear . . . and say? 

Our weekly WOW! Word and its modeled sentences provide you with rich conversation to enjoy with your newborns and toddlers who are all ears! We know that babies and toddlers who hear these words add them to their "words stash" to say when they talk. 

Check out this week's WOW! Word below: 

  1. Look how the tree’s shade has sheltered us from the sun.
  2. It looks like the cat found shelter there.
  3. I’ll shelter your body so you can be warm.
  4. Which sweater will shelter you from the cold?
  5. Why do newspapers shelter us from the cold?

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Babs Bell Hadjusiewicz
Babs Bell Hadjusiewicz


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