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WOW! Word™ of the Week: ATTEMPT

by Rhiannon Apple February 10, 2014

WOW! Words™ are words that, when used in correct context by children during conversation, cause awed adults to pay attention and say, “WOW!” WOW! Words invite children—regardless of natural or learned language abilities—to be confident talkers.

Using WOW! Words models intentional oral use of big words within meaningful and useful contexts.

This week's WOW! Word: attempt

Use the word in sentences, such as:

1. Our baby attempts to say what I say.

2. I don't know, but I will attempt to help you.

3. Look how the baby attempts to hold up her head!

4. Did you like my attempts to find you?

5. Are you attempting to climb down?

Introduce a new WOW! Word, and continue your oral modeling of other WOW! Words you've introduced. This ongoing repetition helps your child learn to be a powerful talker who grabs and holds a listener's attention. Yes, this modeling of WOW! Words provides words--much like dog and kitty--your child can choose to say. And this is true even if your child isn't talking yet!


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Rhiannon Apple
Rhiannon Apple


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