The key to literate kids? A healthy dose of oral language.

by Babs Hadjusiewicz April 20, 2009

It's Funday Monday! Funday Monday comes just before Talking Tuesday which comes just before Wacky Wednesday which you'll enjoy just before Thinking Thursday, followed by Free Form Friday. That's today's layout for an exciting new journey I am setting out to take with You, and You, and You. It's a journey of Parenting4Literacy, and we'll be looking at how you and your newborn to 8-year-old can have a fabulous time together each and every day...with what we'll call (for now) the 2 LL's: Literacy and Language. I've been guest blogging on and various blogs, such as, and my topic is always the same: kids and parents and teachers and literacy. So now it's time to just jump in head first here and go solo, as in my own blog with daily tips for you and your young child. You might want to jump over and check out my website to get a feel for who I am....I'm Babs....and what I do....I'm a children's author and education consultant and a mother of two grown, happy, healthy, productive offspring....and the rest you can learn from my site. Then you'll know the who and the why behind my daily tips for you about this or that fun words to share with your kids. Research and experience have long pointed to the importance of modeling language for kids. The goal of Parenting 4 Literacy is to reach out to you parents/teachers/caregivers with tons of easy, fun, and free ways to interact with your children...ways that expertly guide kids toward eventual mastery of reading and writing. And although many tips you'll gain here apply to kids of all ages, this blog will primarily speak to you who spend time with children from birth to age 8. Oh, and this blog is also for you parents with babies still in the womb. This blog is also your place to ask questions about helping your child become the best little learner bring 'em on! So, for starters, let's do some easy, easy practice with your kids. TALK about what you or they are doing. The younger the child, the more interest you'll get as soon as you open your mouth. Yes, TALK. Then listen to the TALK s/he/they utter in response. What's happening here? Interacting with oral language is what's up for the moment. That language will be UP again and again. And tomorrow we'll talk just briefly about the importance of oral language. So, for now, go have a Funday Monday! Tomorrow, we'll talk about Talking Tuesday! Later.... Babs

Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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