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When your little one's mind wanders, use rhyme to get it back on track.

by Babs Hadjusiewicz April 29, 2009

Since it's Wacky Wednesday, let's get all wacky with words today and play the Rhyme Time Game. Your young child (kids up to age 8 and far beyond love TALKing this game!) will love this oldie-but-goody word game. Fun of it is that your poetic young TALKers get to shine in this game! Yes, they get to say any real or made-up word as long as it rhymes with the first word said. So start it out with a word like cake since this word belongs to a family of tons of true rhyming words, such as lake, bake, make, take, shake, steak, rake, wake, etc. So yake or dake or nake works in this game...because they rhyme with cake. And more fun is had by all when these nonsense words come out of laughing mouths...and more learning happens on the fly as young minds begin to sort out words that are real and those that are make-believe. Great listening and TALKing and THINKing mind game, this Rhyme Time Game! www-coverNow if you want an exhaustive list of words in that or nearly any other rhyming family of words, check out my books Words, Words, Words (for TALKers and WRITErs to age 8)or Words and More Words (for ages 8 and older). Both bestselling resource books are published by Good Year Books. Check them out in your school library, local bookstore, and on my website. Each book acts as a dictionary, rhyming dictionary with hundreds of rhyming words, thesaurus, grammar resource, and more to enhance your child's (and your own!) vocabulary and knowledge of the world around. ww2-coverAnd all that knowledge is indexed to be the most user-friendly the books can be! Written by a get my point! Playing the Rhyme Time Game is fun anywhere and any time. Need to distract that young mind from some less-than-productive activity? Begin the Rhyme Time Game and you'll have that mind right back on track. Don't forget to try sing-songing the words if a bit of music seems more enticing. (Look at earlier blogs here for more on sing-songing.) Have fun rhyming! See you tomorrow for Thinking Thursday...WOW!

Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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