When you're just about to lose it, try losing yourself in alliteration.

by Babs Hadjusiewicz May 04, 2009

Let's play a bit today with alliteration and begin by renaming today's title from Funday Monday to Magnetic Monday...WOW! That sounds like fun for a Monday and for some interesting twists on the word "magnetic." So, let's see what kind of marvelous magic Magnetic Monday might make! Get the idea already, don't you? Using the sound of "m," alliteration takes us to all the words in this whole English language that have the sound of "m" in them. Oops, just wrote one: them. So let's have alliterative (repetion of the same sound) fun saying word after word after word that includes the sound of "m"...and how about starting with words that begin with that sound....magnetic, Monday, maybe, million, miss, make, mom, Mississippi (how many more states begin with that sound?), etc. You got it...in this Alliteration Game, you'll want to raise that bar-of-difficulty level for your older kids and, no matter their ages, keep the game going as long as kids' interest is in it....or till it's time to name words that end in the sound of "m," like them, him, dim, hum, mom, Pam, poem, game (yes, remember it's the ending sound we're listening for, regardless of a word's spelling). OR begin all over with a new letter. (Just a suggeston: Keep to beginning or ending sounds today...and wait for another day to listen for and TALK a sound in the middle of a word. Those sounds in the middle are difficult for young ears!!!) No matter how you slice the Alliteration Game today or any day, I promise you it'll be like a magnet...the TALKing will go on and on. (Note: you've just gained yet another game to play when the kids are "losing it" or when YOU are "losing it." And just look at all that learning that's going on and on when chaos and all sorts of negative things could--and likely would--have taken over in your house or in your classroom!) Oh...one more tip: you will find 2 or 3 alliterative poems for every sound in English, all in my bestselling read-aloud books: ptpcover1Phonics Through Poetry and ptp2More Phonics Through Poetry... Both books are available from Good Year Books or on my website. Now, go have a Magnificent Magnetic Monday!

Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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