The next time your child gives you negative energy, talk your way out of it.

by Babs Hadjusiewicz May 12, 2009

Okay. I have a ? for you: Do you expect that your child might whine or cry or display some other kind of negative energy today? You know, that stuff you'd just rather not have going your space and your day. Well, our goal for today's TALKing Tuesday at your house (or car or wherever you are) is to help you choose to TALK language and knowledge with your child to re-direct that energy...and save your sanity! Yes, choose to TALK toward positive energy from your child and sanity for you! And all the while, you'll be causing learning to be happenin'. Lots of it. Here's how you do that. Jacks coverRemember my sharing with you my Jacks and More Jacks book last week? Here's the cover again to guide you as you scroll down in this blog to find and read this little book to (or with) your child...again and again and again. THEN, you'll be all ready for the inevitable whine-y or fussy energy to rear its noisy self! You'll use this book's story as your guide to TALK. You'll... Ask: "Who went up the hill with Jill?" OR "Who went up the hill with Jack?" Ask: "Which Jack used his thumb to find a plum?" OR "Who stuck his thumb in a pie? Oooey! Oooey! Gooey!" If your child is too young to give answers to your questions, then pose the question and follow it up with, "Yes! That's right!" and go on to TALK the answer. Or repeat last week's THINKing Thursday idea to begin sing-songing the story as if you're bouncing that ball. If your child is older, TALK to cooperatively name many different uses of jack. Jack and Giant picIf your child is older still, TALK to discuss the fact that many old rhymes and tales included a character named Jack. Then check out "jack tales" online to research fascinating information. is but one of those sources that will intrigue, inform, and bring about more parent-child TALKing! Whichever way you choose to TALK about Jacks and More Jacks today, just keep doing it, and I guarantee your child's negative energy will cease...and change into focused positive energy...which means you're getting back on your sanity track! And you're avoiding losing your temper with your child! How cool is that! Read on for more content questions you might you're building your child's comprehension skills (our topic for this week's THINKing Thursday, by the way): Ask/Say: "Listen! Can you say JACK if you hear JACK in a words...jackal, jacket, jack-in-the-box, machine, jackpot, paper, jack-hammer." Play that game again, but this time ask your child to clap each time the word jack is heard. Or say a sentence that includes the word jack and have your child stand up or sit down or spin around each time s/he hears the word jack. At some point, invite your child to be the "leader" to ask questions about the book. Be sure to stay on topic...this book's story. (Teaching Tip: Notice how much of the book's story your child has come to own. The more ownership of language and knowledge your child takes, the more POWERFUL a learner your child becomes!) And remember: This interactive TALKing fun and rich learning with your child have been all in the name of your choosing to TALK to re-direct negative energy...and choosing a positive way to save your sanity! WOW! ;o))) Have a TALKing Tuesday! Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday...tune in to see how wacky we can get!

Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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