How I got to live a California dream I'd had since my first Dick & Jane book.

by Babs Hadjusiewicz June 02, 2009

It's Funday Monday already? WOW!
I'm posting late in the day, you say? Okay. Truth is I'm still on West Coast time. Though I'm physically back home in Atlanta, I surely left my head in Valley Center CA with all those lizards. Omigosh! Even had my picture taken with a giant lizard whose proper name I actually need to clarify before I dare post its photo. So, we'll talk more about it tomorrow on TALKing Tuesday...and focus on individual words you use as you TALK in conversation with your child. Now, tell your child a story about how and why that book became special to you! Then ask your child of any age to name a favorite book. Ask your child to tell you a story about why that book is a favorite. My own childhood book is actually a series. And there's a story about the lasting impression that series of books had in my life. indiana-mapNow, you may remember that I was born and reared in Indiana. It snows there! Brrrr! But Dick and Jane and Sally never wore heavy coats. And they often took Spot and Puff outside to sunshine. "So," I asked my teacher Mrs. Lee, "where's the snow?" Now, in one of those story books, I apparently noted palm trees. And what must have happened is this...Mrs. Lee (or my classmate who'd traveled far outside of rural Indiana) must have told me the Dick and Jane stories took place in California.  The reason I think that is because I loved those stories so much that I expected to grow up and live California. I wanted to live where the sun shines all the time. With palm trees around me. Yes! I thought I'd live right where my favorite stories took place. dick-and-jane-pic3-300x300That's one reason a copy of the Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends sits in the row of books on my desk. Every glance at its cover takes me to California. That's my book's story. WOW! The power of a book! What's your book and its lasting impression on you? And what's your child's book and story? Tell us! Go ahead. Post a comment at the end of this post. Tomorrow, on TALKing Tuesday, and all this week, actually, we'll take virtual visits to Kiera's school. You might review some prior posts to meet "Catalyst Kiera" face-to-face. And what a charming catalyst we found in 2nd grader Kiera! We have her to thank for causing it all to happen last Friday...what a memorable author visit it was! ca-mapYep! I was there. At Kiera's Lilac Elementary School in Valley Center, California. This week, you'll meet Kiera's teacher and her classmates. And Kiera's twin. And her entire family. You'll meet tons of Lilac Lizards (with lilac here and lizards there) including Maya and Natalie...and their fabulous teachers and administrators. You'll meet parents disguised as furry and scaly creatures! WOW! Get this...then real furry and scaly creatures showed up! What a zoo! You'll also learn why I felt right at home when I got sent to the principal's office. No, I wasn't in trouble.

Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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