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by Babsy B January 19, 2015

Goals: Fun with language while learning shapes, colors, and position words; also, a boost with behavior prevention/management (Fuss Fixer™).

Preparation: Reread Sputter, Sputter, Sput! until the book’s language is "owned" by the listener such that s/he is saying the words aloud from memory as you read.

Activity: At naptime, bedtime, or at any quiet time, say slowly, “Sputter, sputter, sput,” lowering your voice with each word to help your listener’s “engine come to a halt”

Activity: Compare the kind of energy-producing fuel people put into a car (gas / gasoline) to make it go to the kind of energy-producing fuel we put into our bodies to make them go. Talk about what happens when our bodies go and go and go…and then “run out of gas”

Activity: Focus Talk™ around the book’s language to say:

I put some food into my mouth.
Chewy, chewy, chew.
It helps me run around and play.
Chewy, chewy, chew.



More FOCUSING TALK suggestions for parents and teachers can be found in most of Babs’ books. Check out Phonics Through Poetry and More Phonics Through Poetry, two bestselling volumes that provide 2 or 3 inviting and alliterative (repetition of the targeted sound) poems for every language sound and with accompanying activities. These two read-aloud collections immerse your child’s ears and tongue in the sounds of language––preparing your child for later phonics instruction. Research tells us it is crucial that children practice hearing and saying language sounds prior to being asked to read and write the letters that represent those sounds. You’ll also find many FOCUSING TALK activities in Babs’ kits of Listen, Listen: Letter Sounds in Rhyme and in her three ever-popular Poetry Works kits first published in 1991.

OMIGOSH! Babs’ book, WOW! Words: Developing Children’s Powerful Oral Vocabularies (ages 4-7), Copyright © 2011 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz has the WOW! Words you want your child to be hearing in preparation for saying these “big words.” This Babs book also gives you quick and easy fun ways you can be using WOW! Words in daily conversations with your child as you go about your usual routines.

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