WOW! Word™ of the Week: IMITATE

by Babs Hadjusiewicz March 24, 2015

A WOW! Word™ is any word that, when used by a child in conversation, causes the listener to sit up and take notice. That's positive attention, mind you. Positive attention that generally includes the verbal response, "Wow!"

It's true. WOW! Words invite children––regardless of natural or learned language abilities––to be confident and powerful talkers, talkers who hold their listeners' attention.

To introduce a new WOW! Word, merely begin using the word and any of its forms––imitate, imitates, imitated, imitating––often and every day. Look for opportunities to use the WOW! Word in daily conversations for a week or more. Then continue using the word as you add to your ever-growing collection of WOW! Words.

It's noteworthy when your infant shows she understands words like bye-byemommy, or daddy. So too, you'll notice her understanding of each new WOW! Word. And when she begins to lead those conversations, she'll just naturally use every kind of word you've been modeling for her.

This week's WOW! Word: imitate 

Use the word in sentences, such as:

  1. Who can imitate the sound a kitty makes?
  2. Can you imitate a kangaroo's hop?
  3. She's wrinkling her nose to imitate the bunny's nose.
  4. Look how I am imitating your smile!
  5. Raul imitated his mommy's funny face.

Play this WOW! Word family game to warm up this week. Ask, "Can you name someone I’m imitating?" Take turns to imitate a person or story character you’re sure the other family members can identify.

To introduce your older child to WOW! Words, check out Babs' WOW! Words for ages 4–7.

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Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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