Ask Babs: Easing my kids' transition to a new school

by Babs Hadjusiewicz July 16, 2015

Q: We’re moving this summer. Are there some tips to help make my child’s transfer to a new school easier?

A: There sure are! Many factors––time of year, distance, reasons––can contribute to your child’s and your own feelings of anxiety. Change is change. And since no one knows how a change will actually look and feel, it’s helpful to think, talk about, and play-act some possibilities.

How might this change look? How might it feel? Responses will vary with the imaginary settings you two create and talk about. The more possible scenarios you can imagine, the more helpful it will be for your child…and for you.

You will also want to take advantage of connectedness that’s possible via the Internet. Prior to the move or before that first day, locate the school online and enjoy a stress-free virtual visit to help your child and entire family feel acquainted with the new school, even if it’s from a long distance.

Using online information, let your fingers do the walking around that campus as you two talk about the facts you learn, such as the school’s name, the principal and staff, the buildings or departments, playground, cafeteria, the classrooms. Look for staff photos and particularly the teacher(s) whose class(es) your child will or may attend.
Make a list of all your child’s and your own questions about the new school. Then call or email to ask those questions. Be sure to ask if you might arrange an advance meet-up and walk-through, maybe even a half-day or full-day visit. Schools welcome such requests.
You might even schedule a special phone visit, conference call, or an email conversation between your child and the principal and/or the new teacher(s). Most seasoned educators welcome such opportunities.

Remember that schools actively recruit family involvement!

For more ideas and support around all-things-kids topics, follow my blog at And check out my guest blog posts at,, and where I’ll be sharing in one or more upcoming guest posts more ideas and specific conversations you can have with your child of any age to prepare for a new school experience.
Best wishes to your child and your family as the school change occurs. Please write again to keep us posted!

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Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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