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Ask Babs: Parenting with Patience

by Babs Hadjusiewicz September 17, 2015

Q: What can I do when I know I am about to get worked up and act out impatience with my child?

A: Great question! Thanks for being proactive!

I’ve a couple of suggestions for you, strategies I often suggest for use by parents and teachers to help children with acting-out behaviors that can result from feelings of impatience.

What might happen if you were to put on those Stop-and-Think Glasses?

And what if you were to read or reread The Bridge Is Up!my picture book on patience?

Wanna try those two strategies and then let me know how things are going? Best wishes for one promising outcome . . . or more!

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Babs Hadjusiewicz
Babs Hadjusiewicz


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